la fitness cape coral

jogging, run, sport @ Pixabay

As the summertime in the Caribbean is coming to a close, my goal is to finally get into shape. It may just be time to head back to the gym and get my fitness level up to a new level.

Well, I would start by going back to the beach. A lot of my beach time is spent on the beautiful and serene coral reefs around the Caribbean. These look like something that would be perfect for summer fitness training.

The more I look at some of the images on the web, the more I think about the photos and the people who actually made it. I don’t really know how the photos are supposed to look, but this is the image I have for this time.

I could go with the green and orange shades on the left and the orange on the right. The orange is a very natural color, but it has a very sharp edge that I can’t see from underwater. I would have to put this on a purple background and go with the orange shade.

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