planet fitness garland

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This planet fitness garland is a set of wreaths made from recycled materials. The recycled materials include rope, wood, and copper wire.

Earth Fitness is a company that makes the garland, and they have an impressive online presence. They’ve created a social media page to promote the garland and a YouTube channel to show off their creations. And of course they sell the wreaths on their website.

With the garland’s inception, Earth Fitness has taken the opportunity to promote the idea that recycled materials are the future of our industry. The company is very progressive: they believe that recycling is the first step toward creating a sustainable future.

The company has a great social media page with posts like “Greening your business” and “Recycling is our business!” and a YouTube channel with clips of their recycled garland creations like the “Planet Fitness Garland”. While they may not be the first to promote recycled materials, they definitely are among the first to try to make them the norm.

We were really excited to see Planet Fitness’s garland in action. We’d love to see them make a product more suited to the modern world, like green paper, or maybe even a reusable bag or box.

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If you’re into being a doctor, dentist, or astronaut, you will be pleased to know that these jobs are now possible, and are even easier than they were before. Most of this comes from a new partnership between the two companies (Mars One) and the University of Arizona. The purpose? To provide jobs in the medical field to the people of the Moon and Mars.

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