Factors to look into for hiring mystery shopping service for restaurants


How will you understand whether your restaurant is performing well or not? What is the best way to get a birds-eye view of all the services and operations? How can you find out whether all the customers are enjoying good services or not?

The answers to all these questions lie in mystery shopping.

This is a unique management tool that multi-location brands hire professional service providers for. These days, it is powered by technology-driven software platforms. Introducing automation and artificial intelligence (AI) has made these platforms smarter. In fact, cloud-based software solutions for creating a mystery shopping platform also add the highest convenience for the restaurant businesses to measure customer experience.

Factors to look into for mystery shopping services

Who does not want to check what customers are saying about his business? In fact, customer feedback and testimonials are crucial to building a brand image over time. Without interrupting the dining experience of customers, there is a way to measure customer experience.

A restaurant brand hires a service offering exclusive software solutions to execute mystery shopping for restaurants. It checks the following factors and validates the service provider.

1. Overall industry experience

Check the industry experience of a service provider. For instance, if a service provider has an experience of 4 decades in this particular domain of restaurant mystery shopping then he has seen the transformations of this process. He has witnessed how the restaurant businesses have also transformed over time.

Due to his experience, you will get exclusive insights inbuilt into the inspection checklist templates. You will find experience projecting from the default templates covering the customer touch points in a restaurant. Hence, the experience of a service provider is the added advantage you should incorporate into this process.

2. One-stop suite for CX solutions

The service provider must offer a one-stop suite for all customer experience (CX) solutions. Mystery shop data generated by different digital platforms offered by this service provider will get integrated to generate insightful information. To avail of such a variety of solutions for measuring CX, you will obviously not hire multiple service providers.

Check whether you get all the required CX measurement solutions under a single roof or not. Find out what a service provider can deliver to get a complete picture of your restaurant’s brand image in the market.

3. Multi-location and multiple channels

Find out whether you can get operational visibility across all the restaurant locations. It is necessary for multi-location brands to bring uniformity to their services. Also, measuring the key metrics across all the restaurant channels such as curbside pickup, dine-in, delivery, takeout, etc will also need proper monitoring and integration.


Considering these three prime factors will make restaurant mystery shopping more productive. You will get a clear picture of what customers see in your business. Hire a suitable service provider and integrate its software platform into an inspection process and start working on it in no time. Measure their experiences, unravel the pitfalls, discover the hidden issues, and make your restaurant services better. 

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