Get Trading Charts and Data Graphs from KuCoin in a Click


KuCoin is one of the successful crypto trading platforms because of the services they offer. You will get a maximum number of traders on a KuCoin due to each attribute of the crypto market being present on their platform. You will enjoy many indicators and trading charts on the KuCoin site while trading BTC, LUNA, ALGO, and other coins. Today we are also going to talk about how to get trading charts and data graphs from KuCoin in a click. We also discuss different chart patterns in detail.

Trading Charts and Graphs

KuCoin offers a graph and data related to each cryptocurrency on a trading dashboard. You click on your desired coin and see its full data. You can check the data according to different time ranges. You have an option to enjoy weekly or monthly charts if you are interested in long-term trading. On the other hand, KuCoin also supports a minute to an hourly range of charts for short-term traders. This will be highly beneficial for many traders in the short term. These charts reflect the live market situation and also include the order book. Let us also talk about the chart pattern and its uses.

Crypto Chart Pattern

One of the best ways to trade cryptocurrency is via technical analysis. Many traders take entry and exit a market after analyzing the charts. Many people are confused about the chart pattern and candlestick pattern. It is quite simple that candlestick combinedly formed a chart pattern. In the crypto chart pattern, 20 to 200 candles are involved. The price of crypto is moving in three stages trends, ranges, and channels. Crypto lovers estimate the movement of price via charts and take action accordingly. However, each trading pattern comprises different rules, and you must follow them for the best results.

Chart Pattern Types

Three general chart patterns are present in the crypto world.

  • Trend Continuation Pattern.
  • Trend Reversal Pattern.
  • Neutral Pattern.

With the name, you can better estimate their working principle. Trend continuation pattern means this trend will continue for a long time. However, in trend reversal, the support is weak and will change the direction of the trend. Many traders short their crypto in case of a trend reversal situation. At the same time, the neutral pattern is very tricky and difficult to estimate. You don’t know about the ongoing market of this type.


KuCoin provides a live BTC price and other charts for the crypto coins. You will find many coins listed and may be interested in technical analysis. Most technical analysis traders and chartists involve swing trading instead of quick scalping because charts represent more accurately long-term results. This is why KuCoin offers a wide range of indicators and chart patterns on their site in the best interest of their users. You will get a wonderful experience while trading cryptocurrencies on the KuCoin site. There are many benefits you receive other than chart patterns on KuCoin.



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