Ultimate Guide to Volvo Bus Price and Model Range


Are you considering investing in a Volvo bus for your transportation needs? Whether you are looking to expand your fleet or upgrade your current buses, Volvo offers a wide range of models with varying features to suit different requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the pricing and model range of Volvo buses to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Volvo Buses

Volvo is a well-known name in the automotive industry, and their buses are synonymous with quality, safety, and reliability. The company offers buses for various purposes, including city transportation, inter-city travel, tourism, and special applications.

Volvo buses are known for their fuel efficiency, comfort, innovative design, and environmental friendliness. Whether you are looking for a small shuttle bus or a large coach for long-distance travel, Volvo has a model to suit your needs.

Pricing of Volvo Buses

The pricing of Volvo buses can vary significantly depending on the model, specifications, and additional features. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of your budget and requirements before exploring the available options. Here is an overview of the approximate pricing range for Volvo buses:

  • Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid: Starting from $300,000
  • Volvo 9700 Luxury Coach: Starting from $500,000
  • Volvo 9700 DD Double Decker: Starting from $700,000
  • Volvo 8900 Articulated: Starting from $400,000
  • Volvo 9900 Premium Coach: Starting from $600,000

Please note that these are approximate prices, and the actual cost may vary based on customization options, delivery fees, taxes, and other factors. It’s advisable to contact your local Volvo dealer for specific pricing details.

Model Range of Volvo Buses

Volvo offers a diverse model range of buses to cater to different markets and customer preferences. Let’s take a closer look at some of the popular models and their key features:

1. Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid

  • Capacity: Up to 90 passengers
  • Features: Electric hybrid technology, low emissions, quiet operation, spacious interior, ergonomic design
  • Ideal for: City transportation, eco-friendly initiatives

2. Volvo 9700 Luxury Coach

  • Capacity: Up to 56 passengers
  • Features: Premium amenities, comfortable seating, entertainment systems, ample storage space
  • Ideal for: Intercity travel, tourism, corporate events

3. Volvo 9700 DD Double Decker

  • Capacity: Up to 87 passengers
  • Features: Two levels, panoramic windows, luxury interiors, advanced safety features
  • Ideal for: Sightseeing tours, long-distance travel

4. Volvo 8900 Articulated

  • Capacity: Up to 150 passengers
  • Features: Articulated design, flexible layout options, fuel-efficient engine
  • Ideal for: High-capacity routes, public transportation

5. Volvo 9900 Premium Coach

  • Capacity: Up to 53 passengers
  • Features: Spacious seating, state-of-the-art technology, driver assistance systems
  • Ideal for: Luxury travel, VIP transport services

Customization Options

Volvo buses come with a wide range of customization options to meet specific customer requirements. Whether you need to add wheelchair accessibility, custom branding, special seating arrangements, or onboard amenities, Volvo can accommodate various requests. Contact your local dealer to discuss customization options for your fleet.

Financing and Service Packages

In addition to purchasing a Volvo bus outright, the company also offers financing and service packages to help customers manage their investment effectively. Volvo’s financing options include leasing, loans, and other financial solutions tailored to your needs. Service packages cover maintenance, repairs, and support to keep your buses running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Volvo buses expensive to maintain?

Volvo buses are known for their durability and reliability, which can help reduce maintenance costs over time. Additionally, Volvo offers comprehensive service packages to support customers with maintenance and repairs.

2. Do Volvo buses come with a warranty?

Yes, Volvo buses come with a warranty to cover certain parts and services for a specified period. It’s important to review the warranty terms with your dealer before making a purchase.

3. Are Volvo buses fuel-efficient?

Volvo buses are equipped with fuel-efficient engines and technologies, such as hybrid systems and clean diesel options, to optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

4. Can Volvo buses be customized for wheelchair accessibility?

Yes, Volvo buses can be customized to include wheelchair ramps, lifts, securement systems, and designated seating areas to accommodate passengers with mobility needs.

5. How can I test drive a Volvo bus before purchasing?

Contact your local Volvo dealer to schedule a test drive and experience the performance, comfort, and features of a Volvo bus firsthand. Dealers can also provide information on pricing, financing, and customization options.

In conclusion, Volvo buses offer a diverse range of models, features, and customization options to meet various transportation needs. By understanding the pricing, model range, customization options, and service packages available, you can make an informed decision when investing in a Volvo bus for your fleet. Contact your local Volvo dealer today to explore the options and elevate your transportation experience.

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